Magi 237 translations


It’s finally over!! The arc was tearful and heart-breaking, but we will return back to the present beginning next chapter! Any questions and comments to this translation, please don not hesitate to ask . Thank you for your attention to this matter :)

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Has someone noticed that


Aladdin has the same eyes as Sheba’s, all darkened at first

And then so bright and full of life


Art gathers stray minimum holders more and more...


and Hajime’s minimum effect range would get wider and wider…

That’s your real goal, Art. Literally free from minimum itself, isn’t it?

It’s implied several times in both manga/comic and anime that stray minimum holders usually hid themselves being a minimum holder, even making…


*v* Just got my copy of DVD 4 ~

I’ve send the scans of Art’s Holiday to for the english version.

The most interesting thing in the DVD for my part is the booklet :p since it has the character profile of basically my favest characters  ^____^

Oh and here’s the front cover + back cover (just for the height difference between Moral & Art) & character profile cards.

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